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Understanding How BrainCore Therapy Can Help with Memory Loss

Last updated 2 years ago

While some individuals are genetically predisposed to memory loss due to a family history of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, studies show that brain wave regulation therapies such as BrainCore may allow the nervous system to retrain itself and prevent against memory loss. Continue reading to learn more about memory loss and how BrainCore therapy with an experienced chiropractor can help retain your cognitive functions.

Why Do We Suffer from Memory Loss?

Your memory is affected by a process known as neuroplasticity in which your nervous system is able to change or reshape how particular brain-wave pathways are used. As you age, your nervous system slowly loses the ability to use and open new pathways, making it more difficult for the nervous system to transmit signals efficiently until it eventually interferes with the brain’s ability to encode, store, and recall information.

How Can BrainCore Therapy Help?

The BrainCore system works by detecting the electric signals into the body through sensors that are placed on the surface of the scalp. This examination is painless and safe. These electrical signals are expressed as brain waves in four different frequencies: Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. If the brainwaves are out of balance, a training protocol can help restore proper regulation to the brain.  As these brain waves are interpreted, the nervous system immediately pauses in an attempt to reorganize itself and understand the new information, causing the electrical patterns in your brain to normalize. The neural pathways that are created during brain wave therapy allow for neuroplasticity to occur within the brain.

The best way to determine if BrainCore Therapy is right for you is to consult with your Norcross or Alpharetta chiropractic clinic. For more information on improving your memory or putting an end to back pain and neck pain, contact the Precision Pain Relief Center at (678) 436-8291. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and a team of highly-skilled medical professionals, PPRC is a leader in its field.


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