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Gastric Sleeve Diet – The Post-Op Diet Chart

When a patient had gone through the life changing surgery of weight loss and has begun with adaptations like lifestyle change, diet and nutritional changes, the guidelines of the gastric sleeve diet is the important part of the process. After the gastric sleeve surgery, the stomach capacity is only three to four ounces down from a total of 60 ounces capacity. In order to have a proper gastric sleeve procedure, the patients should follow the guidelines to help weight loss and to lower the risks and side effects.

Follow The Diet

Given here is the chart to be followed for gastric sleeve diet for the first to fourth week. During week 1, the intake should be only clear liquids. This will be little tough but most patients will only have little desire to eat as the portion of the stomach which produces the ghrelin acid is removed at the time of surgery. All the liquid items should be sugar free and the patients should avoid carbonated beverages, sugar and caffeine.

In the week 2 diet, the patient should again be in full liquid diet but this time with protein. During this week, the patient may start feeling hunger pains but should continue to follow the surgeon’s suggested diet. In addition to the week one diet, the week two diet includes protein powder mixed with sugar free liquid, soft noodles soup, and fat free yogurt, thin creamed soups, hot watery oatmeal after checking the sugar content, sugar free juice, fat free ice cream and thinned apple sauce after checking the sugar content.

The week 3 can be soft pureed foods. This week is also tough but the good news is that the patient can begin adding real food to the diet. However, the patient should be careful with sugar limits and fats. The week 3 goals include getting 60 grams of protein every day, eating slowly and introducing new foods.

When the patient has followed the diet up to four weeks, it is time to start looking into real foods. Continuing with the daily protein shakes, the patient can add chicken and beef slowly by making sure to chew properly. Fruits vegetables, cereal, caffeine, soda, fried foods, candy, nuts and dairy foods can also be consumed slowly.